When the weather allows for it, there's nothing many Aussies like more than gathering with loved ones for an al-fresco meal. To create an inviting and functional outdoor dining space, the choice of furniture will play a significant role. Read on to compare the merits of four common types of outdoor furniture that are often ideal for Australian gardens.

A Round Table With Accompanying Seats

This configuration fosters a sense of togetherness. The absence of corners allows for more flexibility with seating arrangements, too, because it is often easier to accommodate an extra, perhaps unexpected, guest. Another benefit of a round table and chair set is that owning one will allow everyone to converse easily, either with their neighbours or across the table because everyone will be in everyone else's eye line. Often, these sets include an umbrella hole at the centre, providing some much-needed shade on sunny days. In terms of style, a classic wooden set evokes a rustic charm, while aluminium models bring a more contemporary look. If you want this style on a budget, then opt for uPVC to which you can add a tablecloth and cushions to style it your way.

Sofa Seats and a Square Table

This option with your garden furniture offers a more relaxed setting for dining. The squared-off arrangement caters to both dining and lounging, perfect for those long, laid-back gatherings. Equally, you can simply remove the table temporarily if you want to enjoy your furniture without dining at all. These sorts of sets typically come with plush cushions and ample seating, encouraging leisurely conversations long after the meal has been cleared away. Nowadays, weather-resistant rattan or wicker models are popular. They blend comfort and durability well. However, you may need to take your cushions inside when it rains.

L-Shaped Dining Sets

For terraces and patios, an L-shaped configuration can be an excellent choice. These dining sets can accommodate larger groups, making them ideal for parties or family get-togethers while fitting into the corner of a space to leave room for other elements, such as an outdoor kitchen installation or planting. They often include a rectangular dining table and extra stools for maximum seating. Look for models that allow you to stow the stools under the table when they're not in use. With an L-shaped set, you can create an inviting outdoor dining area that also makes effective use of the available space.

A Trestle Table With Benches

An informal option for your outdoor space, this type of dining set is reminiscent of delightful picnic settings, fostering an easy-going atmosphere. With their long, narrow design, trestle tables can seat many guests. All you need to do is add more trestles for larger gatherings, after all. Paired with benches that often tuck away neatly when not in use, this type of exterior furniture saves space, making it a good choice for smaller properties. Equally, fold-away trestles and benches can be transported to any part of the garden easily so they're a versatile option.

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