Here are two situations in which you should get white kitchen benchtops.

You need to be extra vigilant when it comes to keeping your kitchen hygienic  

If due to you or other people in your home having immunity issues or sensitive stomachs, you need to be extra careful when it comes to preparing your food hygienically, then white benchtops might be more suitable for your kitchen than, for example, black, grey or dark brown ones.

Whilst darker-coloured benchtops are not inherently less hygienic than white ones, choosing the latter could make it easier for you to sanitise the new benchtops. This is because on a white benchtop you can, due to the benchtop's light colour, see every little particle of food, greasy fingerprint and drink residue that has accumulated on it. Whilst some would see this as a disadvantage, it can be helpful when you're sanitising your kitchen, as it's very easy to see if you've accidentally missed a section of the benchtop when spraying cleaning products on it or when wiping it down. Conversely, if, for example, you had matte black benchtops, those small, pathogen-riddled specks of drink or food might be harder to see.

As such, by choosing white benchtops, you could reduce the chances of you, for instance, making a sandwich on an area of the benchtop where you didn't see some old food spillage whilst cleaning it, and then contaminating the bread with pathogens, and getting ill when you eat it because of this.

Your kitchen is large, with big windows and high ceilings

If the kitchen in your home is large, with high ceilings and big windows, then white benchtops could be suitable for it. The reason for this is that these features are considered a plus in any kitchen, as they can give it a pleasantly airy feel and a bright and spacious look.

If you put in, for example, dark grey or jet black benchtops in this space, the colour of these benchtops might detract from the airiness and spaciousness that the room's other features create (as dark colours tend to make rooms look smaller, whilst light colours can add to their sense of spaciousness). This might then change the kitchen's aesthetic in an unpleasing way. In contrast, if you fit white benchtops, their light colour will enhance the kitchen's airy, bright vibe and add to the existing feeling of spaciousness that the room has.