Are you looking for a way to update your living areas or hallways? Staircases can have a dramatic effect on the look of a house, as well as provide a functional way to move from level to level. Custom staircases allow you to select a design that best first your specific tastes and your unique home. To help you out with some ideas, here are four trends in custom staircases in 2022.

1. Custom Staircases With Double The Functionality

Space-saving, discreet and concealed storage will be a prominent trend in 2022 since it allows places to feel and look decluttered while yet providing much-needed ample extra storage. Staircases have always been capable of concealing small cupboards — and even bathrooms — within them. However, in 2022, this trend is changing by integrating bookshelves and display shelves as part of the staircase. This functional yet unique trend maximises your space while also showcasing your goods in an unexpected way.

2. Helical Style Curved Custom Staircases 

Circular spiral stairs with curved edges are the stuff of old Hollywood glitz and elegance. And while this style may have been out of favour in the past, it has re-emerged in recent years and will be popular through 2022. The helical design, which has a shape that is similar to a seashell, is a new trend that is increasing in popularity. If your property has numerous floors, this pattern of custom staircase can be used to loop around each level, giving your home a distinctive architectural appeal.

3. Custom Staircases That Match Your Furniture 

If you decide to go with a classic straight staircase, a way to customise this simple design is by selecting a unique and specific colour. This is a great method to make your staircase a focal point of your living space while also seamlessly integrating all of the other features of your living area. For example, if you have blush pink sofas, you can match the colour of your staircase to it to create a contemporary and on-trend aesthetic.

4. Custom Staircases With Built In Benches

For a trend that really makes the most of your landing spaces, think about built-in benches. These are a great feature of a custom staircase and can be designed to be small and discreet or to be a feature point of the staircase and landing. To really make the space functional, chat to a custom staircase specialist about including desk space for a small but unique office area.

Staircases are often the first thing guests see when they enter your home, so why not make the most of the different ways that you can design your custom staircase. Keep in mind the above trends and chat with a friendly custom staircase designer about your options. 

For more information on custom staircases, contact a professional near you.