If you're planning to install blinds in your home, it's hard to know what design to go for. Should you choose Venetian blinds, roller blinds or vertical styles? To help you come to a decision, here are three benefits of each blind type.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds comprise a series of horizontal louvres, which create a textured quality. In a bland room, they create visual interest and decoration. You could install white blinds to match the window trim, stained timber for a warm look, or coloured louvres.

Another benefit of Venetian blinds is that they offer many light control options. You can angle the louvres to direct the light upwards or downwards, and you can also close the louvres flat. You can also draw the blinds up. These possibilities let you control the room environment for different situations.

As well, because Venetian blinds use diverse materials like timber, vinyl, and aluminium, you can install them in any room, including most bathrooms and kitchens. Each of these materials also gives a different aesthetic effect.

Roller Blinds

While Venetian blinds add textural and visual details, roller blinds do the reverse. They create a minimal, sleek, modern look. If you want to reduce visual clutter, roller blinds are ideal as they comprise a flat rectangular piece of fabric.

Another benefit of roller blinds is that they maintain a beautiful garden view. Simply install a dual roller blind that has a sunscreen and a blackout blind in one unit. During the day, you can pull down the sunscreen blind and enjoy the view outside while also having privacy. The vista won't be ruined with the horizontal or vertical lines that other blinds create.

An additional positive attribute of roller blinds is that they suit small windows and even skylights. Because they have such a clean design, they're easy to fit into little spaces.

Vertical Blinds

Though roller blinds are ideal for little windows, vertical blinds suit the opposite. They're perfect for large expansive windows and glass doors that lead to a patio. Vertical blinds include a headrail with many vertical slats attached so they can cover a broad area seamlessly. However, if you install roller or Venetian blinds over a wall of windows, you may need two or three blinds, adding visual clutter.

Another benefit of vertical blinds over glass patio doors is that you can walk through them at any point. Simply install a model where the slats aren't connected at the bottom. If you fit other blind styles, you'll have to pull them upwards and duck under them to get outside.

Vertical blinds help to make rooms appear large and spacious, as they visually push the ceiling higher. Like vertical striped wallpaper, which makes the walls seem taller, vertical blinds have a similar effect. As a result, rooms seem larger overall.