If you are looking to pick up some flowers on short notice, then you probably think that just swinging by your local supermarket will be good enough. Flowers are just flowers, after all, so it doesn't matter where they come from, right? Well, that answer could not be further from the truth. The flowers in your local supermarket are inferior in virtually every single way to those from a florist. If you have time to go to a supermarket then you have time to go to a florist and here's why you should always choose that option first.

Quality Of Flowers

Florists are far pickier about which flowers they present and sell to the public. Not only do they know how to spot poor flowers better than those at a supermarket, simply because those workers have no experience or training in this area, but they understand that their brand and reputation depend on providing a superior product. This means that their flowers stay fresher for longer, smell nicer, have fewer problems with disease and growths, and just generally look more upbeat and sharp. The quality difference really is night and day, and it will be easy for most people to tell if you bought them quality florist flowers or cheaper, supermarket ones.

Better Arrangements

The main problem with supermarket flowers is not just the quality of the flowers themselves, but how they are displayed. There is a whole form of art based around the presentation of flowers, which supermarkets simply do not care about. A florist takes time to work through contrasting and complementary colours, textures and fragrances to make arrangements that are truly a delight. Supermarkets are trying to target the widest possible audience with the cheapest flowers on hand, so the same care will never be put into their displays.

Budget Options Still Available

If price is a large determining factor for you, as it is for so many people, then don't worry, a florist can still help you out. There are many options at florists that cater to the budget-focused shopper, and while these displays might seem smaller in magnitude to others in the shop, they are still eons ahead of those you would find at a supermarket and often at the same price. Don't be fooled by the convenience and ease of a supermarket, they are not the only ones who can cater to those with a smaller bank account!