Plantation blinds, also referred to as plantation shutters, are stylish window coverings that consist of slatted blinds within their own frame. The frame is screwed to the window frame and the slats can be adjusted from fully closed to fully open, which allows you to control the level of natural light entering the room. As the horizontal slats on these blinds can be tilted up and down or fully closed, they offer complete privacy. This makes them popular with those who live on busy streets and those who have neighbouring properties that overlook theirs.

Plantation blinds are made of wood and come in a variety of colours to suit your personal style. The wood used tends to be lightweight wood, such as poplar or elm, to allow anyone to easily operate the blinds and to ensure they are suitable for even large window frames that may not be able to withstand having heavy plantation blinds attached to them. You can also opt for plantation blinds that are coated with waterproof polyvinyl. A waterproof coating is ideal for blinds in the kitchen and bathroom, as they can easily be wiped clean and the coating prevents moisture from damaging the wood. Here are a few key benefits of choosing plantation blinds for your home.

They Allow Ventilation

Plantation blinds can be opened like shutters, so they allow you to enjoy full sun and uninterrupted airflow on warm days. Even if you still want some privacy and don't want to have the blinds completely open, the wide slats allow large enough gaps for a healthy level of ventilation when they are open.

They Can Block Out Light

In addition to allowing lots of light to flood the room when the slats are open, plantation blinds can also completely block out light when they are closed. If you have trouble sleeping during the summer months when it's still light in the evening, having plantation blinds blocking the light could help you to fall asleep more easily.

They Can Reduce Noise Pollution

If you live near a busy road, play area or school, you'll know that noise pollution can be intrusive. As plantation blinds are made from thick wood, they create a barrier that reduces the level of noise entering your home through your windows when they are closed. This can be particularly beneficial for those with young children who take naps or those who work at night and sleep during the day.

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