Millennials are spending more time at home today than they used to in the past, which has given rise to the millennial hermit. There are numerous explanations for this trend, with one being the ability of this generation to make their homes a comfortable and enjoyable space. This is exactly what you get with modular sofas. Unlike other furniture designs, modular sofas achieve a lot, and they are precisely what millennials look for in furniture. Therefore, how then can modular sofas transform your living space and turn you into a happy hermit? Read on to find out.

Works in Any Space

Whether it is a small studio apartment, a patio, balcony, or a large living room, modular sofas have no problem fitting snug. All you have to do is dig into your creativity to come up with a configuration that suits your living space needs. For instance, an L-shaped modular sofa configuration works well in a small-sized studio apartment since it can fit into a corner comfortably. On the other hand, the same modular sofa will adequately fill an expansive living room, especially if you go for the U-shaped layout. Additionally, modular sofas are not restricted to indoor spaces. They work well in smaller patios and balconies as well, which means that you don't have to spend extra on furniture for outdoor spaces.


Do you love to host guests at your house but fear you might not have enough funds to purchase enough furniture? Fear should be the last thing on your mind with modular sofas because they are multifunctional. For instance, you can quickly transform a modular sofa into a bed for two or three by combining two ottomans with chair segments. Similarly, positioning chair segments to face opposite directions creates two small-talk sections, which is ideal for house parties. Therefore, your guests do not have to talk over each other's voices, as is characteristic with standard sofas.

Highly Mobile

According to statistics, millennials move once every two years. Why then would you need furniture that is cumbersome to disassemble and reassemble? If you are going to move your furniture around, they need to be as mobile as possible, and modular sofas pass the test. Their mobility is hinged on the fact that they are divided into different sections. Consequently, it brings down the overall weight of each segment significantly. Furthermore, changing the furniture layout is a breeze with modular sofas since moving the segments around only takes a few minutes.

If you are interested in modular sofas, stop by a local furniture store for Aussie-made modular sofas.