Outdoor blinds are an important part of many people's verandahs and communal living spaces. They provide shelter from the extremely hot Australian sun while letting any comforting breezes through to those seeking relief on the inside. The only problem is that, since they are situated outside, these blinds need a bit more careful maintenance to ensure they don't degrade earlier than necessary. Here are a few tips you should be following to care for your outdoor blinds so that you can keep relaxing safely behind them.

Do Not Scrub: Wipe Softly

Every few weeks you will need to give your outside blinds a good wipe down with some soapy water. Dust will quickly build up on the outer face of your outside blinds and without regular cleaning, this dust can scratch and prematurely age your blinds. The mistake many people make when cleaning their outdoor blinds is to get a cloth and then really scrub hard. This might seem like the intuitive thing to do but it can rip up the fabric used in your outdoor blinds. You achieve a much better result but simply wiping over the surface softly. 

Always Dry Your Blinds Before Storing Them

Whether it has rained or you have just cleaned your outdoor blinds the last thing you should do to wet blinds is roll them up. Not only will this cause them to get bent out of shape if done a few times but it will also encourage mould, fungus and other nasty bacteria to fester and grow. If you want to roll your blinds up in between showers you should at least dry them with an old towel or something similarly absorbent. It is always preferable to let it air dry but if pressed for time then dabbing them down is an okay alternative. 

Keep Them Open As Much As Possible

Outdoor blinds are built to be rolled down the whole way. That means, as much as possible, you should be keeping your outdoor blinds rolled down to the maximum. If you keep them rolled up for too long they can start to get kinks and awkward crinkles. If you roll them down but not the whole way they can get bent out of shape and start sagging at parts. The only time you should really have your outdoor blinds rolled up is when you anticipate a big storm coming your way. In that case, it is totally fine to put them up and keep them safe from the hail, extreme rain and heavy winds. 

For more information on outdoor blinds, reach out to a local home and garden centre.