While you may be thinking that it will be easy to have your pool table directly hauled as is from your old property to your new home, the reality is that this approach increases the threat of dents and dings to the table. Instead, it is best to dismantle it as best as you possibly can before your house removal. The following are some steps that you could find useful for preparing your pool table for a successful relocation.

Step 1: Take out the pool table's pockets

The pockets of a pool table will be attached differently depending on the manufacturer. However, they all will typically be fastened via bolts, screws or even staples. Put on some safety glasses and lie down on your back under the first pocket. Pry out the fasteners that hold the pocket in place and store both the screws and the pocket in an individual case. Repeat the process for all remaining pockets.

Step 2: Take out the pool table's rails

Once you are done with the pockets, you should stay under the pool table and embark on detaching the rails that are located on the underside. Removal of the rails is as simple as sliding them away from their pool table. However, if the underside rails have been secured to each other, you may need someone to help you flip them before they can be successfully disconnected from the pool table. Take note to keep the bolts that hold the rails in place in a labelled bag for easy re-assembly once you get to your new home.

Step 3: Take out the felt

Removing the pool table's felt is one of the more arduous steps of preparing the table for relocation. Nonetheless, it is necessary if you do not want to have to re-felt your table once you get to the new home. Felt is typically secured onto the table with staples, but some tables might have their felt secured via glue. For staples, gently unhook them from the felt and gently but steadily peel the felt away backwards. Do not try to lift the felt upwards or in a forward motion as you could end up stretching it or even tearing the fabric.

Step 4: Remove the slate and legs

The last steps for preparing your pool table for house removals is taking out the slate and detaching the legs. The slate is quite heavy so you may need an extra hand for this. Use a power drill to unscrew the slate and cover it in a blanket before putting it away in a bag. Proceed to extract the bolts that hold the legs in place and package them in bags for reattachment later.