If you love the look of a modern bathroom, you don't need to spend much money on a complete overhaul or remodel of the space. A few simple changes and additions to any bathroom can make it seem very modern and new, and even a bit industrial. Note some tips on how you might modernize your home's bathroom and create a fresh, updated space in your home.


New flooring can update any space, and a bathroom floor may not be as expensive or difficult to install as you assume! Look for peel-and-stick vinyl tiles that you can put right over the bathroom's current floor, using nothing more than standard household tools. These vinyl tiles come in a wide range of styles, including the look of stone or a bleached timber, both of which can immediately update your bathroom and make it seem very modern. Whatever your choice of design, avoid earth tones in your new tile, as this is more traditional and not as modern, and stick to shades of slate grey or white, to create that modern look.

Towel bars and shelving

Swap out brass or bronze towel bars for a more modern or industrial style. Glass is a good choice, or you might choose something very industrial, such as actual stainless steel piping that you can attach to the walls. Do the same for your bathroom's shelving; remove traditional wood shelves and use glass or metal pieces instead.


As with shelving, a plain wood vanity can seem very traditional, and might detract from the modern look you want to create. You might paint the wood a crisp white or slate grey, or even a stark black, to make it look more modern. If the current vanity is not in good condition or can't be painted, replace it with a floating vanity, which is attached to the wall with lots of space underneath, as this creates a clean and modernized style in the room. Be sure you also choose modern handles and hardware for the vanity, in a stainless steel or glass, rather than traditional oil-rubbed bronze.

Shower screen

To give your bathroom an updated, modern look, get rid of the shower curtain and have a glass shower screen installed instead. Opt for a clear, frameless glass for something very modern, or choose oversized hinges and handles in a stainless steel to bring some metal into the space. This can immediately take your bathroom from traditional to modern, at a very affordable price!