Kitchen renovations require you to keep countless factors in mind. From choosing the most appropriate benchtop materials to figuring out a new layout for your space, there is a myriad of things that you would have to consider. However, one of the factors that remain constant for most homeowners is creating adequate storage space in the kitchen. If your space is small, you would have to get creative with your space to get the most out of your renovation. Below are some of the clever solutions that you could utilise to maximise on kitchen cabinet space.

Venture upward

Cabinets are necessary for your kitchen, as you need storage. However, there is only a certain amount of cabinets that you can install without limiting the available space to you and inhibit manoeuvrability in your kitchen. If you find that you are still short on storage space, you should consider venturing upward rather than installing cabinets outward. The vertical space in the kitchen rarely gets much use, which leaves your walls as a dead space. Instead of resorting to a cluttered environment, installing open shelving upward to provide you with storage space for items that are not used on a regular basis.

Install a multifunctional island

An island is something most people will include in their renovation to provide them with an additional workspace. Nonetheless, homeowners will gravitate toward a simple design that only allows them to use the top of the island, leaving the bottom part unusable. Instead, you should choose to have an island that can be multifunctional by providing you with storage. The strategic placement of the kitchen island typically makes it accessible from all corners of the kitchen. Therefore, this makes it the perfect place to store items that you use routinely, be it pots and pans, bakeware, crockery and more.

Transform unused features to be functional

If you moved into a preconstructed residence, you may find some elements in the kitchen that would not be of any use for you. For example, Victorian styled houses may have a fireplace in the kitchen, but this may not serve you any significant purpose in your modern-day kitchen. You could opt to have these features removed, but this would increase your renovation costs. Rather, transform them into a feature that would serve a purpose such as installing shelving or cabinetry right inside it! Not only would this make the element a focal point, but you also get to maximise on your storage space.