When your carpets are looking rather dingy, a deep cleaning can be the only thing that will remove all that built-up dust, dirt, mud, and other irritants. Even the strongest vacuum cleaner will only get out so much dirt and dust every time you use it, and carpet fibres will also hold pet hair and dander, human hair, and other debris that is very difficult to vacuum away. Before you decide on the best way to care for your home's carpeting, however, note a few reasons why heavy-duty cleaning should be left to the pros.

Type of carpeting material

Imagine trying to wash a delicate silk blouse or pair of pyjamas with the same detergent and cleaning method you use to wash a heavy cotton t-shirt; the silk piece would no doubt stretch and tear, and even become unravelled. In the same way, carpeting is not all made from the same materials; some carpets are a cotton and silk blend, so that the fibres are very delicate and easily come unravelled. Some carpets, on the other hand, are made with a thick and heavy wool, making them more durable; however, this also means they need more scrubbing to actually come clean. A professional cleaner will know how to examine the carpet fibres to determine their material and the best way to actually clean them thoroughly, without damaging the material or leaving any dirt and debris behind.

Type of debris and dirt

A carpet may look dirty and dingy for a number of reasons; its fibres may be holding ground-in dirt and mud, or they may simply be crushed from heavy foot traffic. The carpeting may also be holding items like pet hair, as mentioned, and this makes them look dirty, even though it's not truly dirt that is trapped in the carpeting material.

A carpet cleaning professional, like one from Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning, will examine the carpets, not just to determine their materials, but also to determine the best way to clean them. Fibres that are simply matted due to foot traffic may be restored with a simple heavy steam clean, as the steam will help lift those fibres and make them look full once again. Carpets that are matted with pet hair and other such debris may need more extraction than a carpet that is just dusty. Not understanding why your carpets are looking dull and dingy can mean wasting your time with an ineffective cleaning method, so that the carpets don't look much better even after you're doing cleaning them.