Having custom curtains made for your home is a great way to add style and personality to any room; it also allows you to choose a fabric colour or pattern that perfectly coordinates with other furniture pieces. When you are ready to work with a tailor to have custom curtains made, note a few features and details to discuss with him or her, so you know you'll get curtains you love for years to come.

Blackout capacity

Don't assume that dark curtains do the best job of blocking sunlight from coming through windows; usually it's the density of a fabric's weave that blocks sunlight, not its colour. If you want curtains for a bedroom or home theatre, or if you suffer from sensitivity to sunlight for any reason, discuss the blackout capacity of the curtains with your tailor. If you don't want a fabric with a very dense weave because it seems heavy and bulky, consider having a blackout fabric attached to the backs of your new curtains; this will stop the sunlight from coming through while keeping the front of your looking curtain light and airy.


If you don't want your curtains to seem too heavy or overpowering, layer them. Choose square curtain panels that you install over sheer or very thin and loosely woven curtains. You can close the sheers over the windows when you want just a bit of sun blockage and then close the outer curtains over them when you want to block the light completely. Layering curtains this way keeps them looking light and breezy while still offering full coverage of the windows.


Always note how custom curtains should be cleaned and how often this should be done. Some fabrics may be machine washable, but custom features like fabric borders, tassels, lace panels and other such details may come apart in a washing machine. You might also need to avoid using a vacuum cleaner hose and brush on delicate fabrics, and they may need to be hand washed or dry cleaned more often than other materials. Once you know the best way to clean certain materials and designs, you may find that you want to change your mind and choose a more durable fabric with less detail!

It's also good to ask about how to spot clean your new curtains; the tailor may recommend a certain cleaning solution or process for removing stains, depending on the curtain's fabric. Following their instructions will ensure your custom made curtains don't get damaged.