Sending flowers is a great gesture for any time of the year, but especially for a birthday or anniversary, or for someone who is sick or just home from the hospital. Sending flowers is also very easy, as you can usually go online and choose a bouquet from a florist and arrange delivery through their website, without ever picking up the phone. When you are ready to send flowers to anyone, note a few simple words of caution, so you know you make the right choice and don't overlook any detail for your arrangement.

Vases and containers

If you're sending flowers to someone in the hospital or to their office, be sure the arrangement comes with a vase or container! Obviously someone in the hospital won't have an extra vase on hand, and there may not be one in an office either. When shopping, look for those that say specifically that vases are included, or opt for an arrangement in a coffee mug or other such container.

Know some etiquette

There is actually some etiquette to consider when sending flowers to anyone; for example, roses usually symbolize love, so reserve red roses for your special someone and yellow roses for a close relative, such as your mother or sister. Otherwise, roses can be added in with other bouquets, but may not be the best flowers for ever recipient.

Also, when sending funeral flowers, never assume that your bouquet will go on the casket or will be used as a centrepiece. Choose something modest but visually striking and allow the family to display it where they feel appropriate. Be cautious about vases and containers with religious symbols; unless you know the person was a devout Christian, as an example, consider carefully a vase with a cross. It may be better to choose items without decoration of any sort, if you're not sure of the deceased's religious views.

Consider alternatives 

Potted plants are good for those with whom you're not close, or if you're concerned that flowers might be too personal for any reason. Edible baskets, such as those with a selection of coffees and cookies, can also be a good choice for co-workers, business associates, and the like.

Check the actual size

Don't assume that a bouquet you see in a picture is a particular size; check the measurements, to ensure your arrangement has the volume you expect, or isn't so large that it won't fit on a co-worker's desk or be in the way at a hospital.