The bed has become more of a social feature other than only a sleeping space. It is especially the case if you stay in a studio apartment. However, fitting a sofa and a queen size bed in your studio apartment should be the last thing on your mind. That being said, you can turn your queen size bed into a social feature and back to a private space quickly. One way you can achieve this is by transforming the bed into a sofa during the day. The following are strategies you can use to accomplish the transformation.

Strategic Placement -- Since a queen size bed is not as big as a king size one, placing its long side against one wall of your studio apartment is a practical consideration. Putting the bed lengthwise allows your friends to rest their backs on the wall as you chat or watch a movie. However, the positioning of your queen size bed needs to be spot on. For example, using scaled down dimensions of your room and bed, make a sketch on a piece of paper until you find the right location. The spot should be away from human traffic. Additionally, make sure that you do not block light coming in from the windows.

Use Pillows -- With cushioning in place, a standard sofa has a depth of between 31 – 36 inches. Your queen size bed has a width of 60 inches. As such, to turn the bed into a day couch, you will need to reduce the width considerably. For example, throw different kinds of pillows along the length of the bed that is against the wall. Keep adding rows of pads until you get the desired sofa depth. You want a smooth looking but comfortable couch; therefore, does not forget to mix and match the pillows according to shape, size, and fabric pattern.

Mattress Cover Fasteners -- It can get annoying when you have to keep straightening and smoothing the bed sheets while you sit on them. Therefore, to get your queen-size bed functioning as a sofa, you need the mattress cover to stay in place. One way of achieving this is by using a fabric cover that has a hook-and-slip feature. Once you envelop the mattress, the hook and slip feature allows you to fasten the fabric in place. An upholstered cover with a zipper will also achieve the same results. The main idea is to have your friends seated comfortably without worrying about the possibility of the cover shifting or slipping off.