Many modern Australian homes are constructed from bricks, mortar and concrete roof tiles – just as they are in most parts of Europe and North America. Although this means that dwellings are robustly built and will last for many years, there is something which is not quite natural about the look which is achieved, either indoors or outside. If you long for a more natural looking interior decoration but don't think that moving into a log cabin or an igloo is quite for you, then consider taking the following steps to decorate your current abode in a way that will make you feel as though you're more at one with nature.

Upholstery and Furnishings

Brightly coloured and highly patterned upholstery on your three piece suite may be fashionable, but it is not exactly a natural look. Opt for sofa coverings which are much plainer and in off white colours, such as fine sand, cream or taupe. This will make the overall look of your home more calming and feel like it is a serene habitat, such as a windswept beach. Change your curtains and blinds from formal looking ones for natural materials, such as hessian, in order to complete the naturalistic look.

Floor Coverings

Carpet is still favoured in nearly all Australian homes, but this sort of floor treatment does not afford a really natural-looking appearance. Instead, you should opt for timber look tiles for bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. Laid out in sections, these tiles are easy to maintain and wipe over but fool the eye into thinking that a tropical hardwood has been laid. Much more environmentally friendly than real hardwoods, timber looking tiles are a fraction of the cost. If you opt for them or laminate flooring, then you can always soften the look with a rug or two.


A mural is simply a piece of art which is applied directly to your wall. In the past, many famous painters undertook murals for the great and the good with scenes of natural serenity, such as depictions of woodland. The modern take on home murals is to use very high definition photography and to blow it up so that it can cover an entire wall. By creating a feature wall which is made up of a single photographic image, you can ensure that a natural scene is created in your eye line no matter where you are in a room. Popular natural scenes to choose from include dramatic coastlines, dappled woodland and natural wonders, like Ayer's Rock (Uluru).