A home that is ductless is a good candidate for a split system air conditioner. This type of system doesn't blow cool air through ducts, but through a central panel, which is mounted on a wall or the ceiling of a room. Split systems are those that are used in hotel rooms as well as guard shacks, commercial garages, and other types of outbuildings. They're a good choice for homes as well, so rather than having ducts installed along with a central air conditioner, note a few reasons to keep the space ductless and install one or more split system air conditioning units.

Air purity and quality

Ductwork is notorious for holding dust, dirt, pet hair and dander, human hair and shed skin cells, dead bugs, rodent droppings, pollen, and other contaminants that no one wants to breathe in! However, when air is forced out of a central air conditioning system and through those ducts, it can easily push these irritants along with it. In turn, they wind up airborne in your home so you breathe in all that debris. This debris will also settle on furniture and carpeting, making those surfaces dirty and dingy. Because a split system doesn't work with ducts, it's not going to pick up all those contaminants, and the air in your home will be cleaner and fresher.

Quicker to install

Installing ducts in a home can take several days, if not several weeks. It can also mean lots of construction dust and waste that needs to be disposed of; however, a ductless system may need no more than a day to install, since tunnels for ducts don't need to be cut through walls or the ceiling. The ductless system does need a vent to go out to the exterior of the home, and may need some upgraded wiring, but the installation can be done much faster than adding ducts to your space.

Less energy

A split system uses less electricity to operate than a central air unit, as the split system doesn't need power to push cool air through your entire home. Even if you install several split systems in different areas of the home, by being able to shut off certain panels when they aren't needed, you won't waste energy. In turn, this can mean less cost for your utilities during the summer months and less pollution created by your air conditioning system overall.

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